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  • Noah L, Zoe O, Emily W

The Right to Enjoy God

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This college conference was really encouraging. This past conference reminded me how important it is to choose God. What especially touched me was the matter of having the right to enjoy God. Like Ruth, who was a poor, widowed Moabitess, we may not always worthy of enjoying God. However, I appreciated the fact that, despite being in such a state, Ruth still had the right to glean in Boaz’s field which spiritually signifies enjoying the riches of Christ. I learned that sometimes, we can be like Ruth, being in a poor spiritual state. We need to recognize that if we find ourselves in such a poor condition, we need to follow Ruth’s example and choose to enjoy the riches of Christ rather than dwell in discouragement and self-pity. Let’s finish this semester strong by choosing God!

⎯Noah L.

From the college conference, I appreciated that Boaz, typifying Christ, accepted everything of Ruth, typifying the Body of Christ, or the church. Boaz gave a chance to another kinsman to redeem both Ruth and her dead husband's inheritance, but that kinsman only wanted the inheritance exclusive of Ruth. Boaz was different. Similar to the all-inclusive Christ who accepts all our human weakness and imperfection, Boaz imparted strength and riches to Ruth by marrying her, despite her widowed status. May we also express Christ's image by being a Boaz to the lost sheep of this world!

⎯Emily W.

This conference, I especially enjoyed seeing one aspect of the hidden significance within the book of Ruth, which is that God desires to have a bride. As such, our love for the Lord should be a deep, romantic love. I appreciated one main point to help sustain our love for the Lord: spending private time with Him. This is something that we automatically expect from a human romantic relationship, but with the Lord, it’s the same! If we choose to spend quality, personal time with Him, our love for Him will grow, and we will find more and more that we want to maintain this relationship with Him. Lord, we want quality time with You!

⎯Zoe O.

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