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"It’s been almost four years since the tow truck driver told me, 'Young lady, you need to have a lot more faith in God'..."

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"I'm really blessed to be around the right people at the right time. For example, I came to know Lois really well. And she was already on Christians on campus. I thought, well that's just for Sundays..."

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"…We go to Berkeley and people can be so distracted with the world and with life, and I like to be reminded that this is my life, that the Lord is my calling…"

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Franco and Yuliza

A little bit of companions and a little bit of gospel...

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"...As the meeting continued, I felt my heart being filled with joy and myself appreciating the Lord Jesus so much. Later, someone led me to receive the Lord. I can’t tell you how wonderful that experience was and how elated I felt, but I can say that it sure did change my life afterward..."

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"The Lord reminded me again that He has put me with “those who call on the Lord” so that we can mutually encourage one another and be positive factors in one another’s Christian lives."


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