what do we do?

Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley members have various opportunities to fellowship with one another to enjoy the riches of Christ in the Bible and in the members. We love to gather together to sing, to pray, to study the Word, and to fellowship with one another our appreciation and learning of Christ.

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Our Bible studies are a great way to meet with other believers to dive into the truths revealed in God’s word. The smaller group setting allows for greater participation in our study of the Bible, and it also provides a relaxed and personal environment to get to know the other group members.


Fellowship Nights are monthly gatherings where the whole club comes together to praise our wonderful Lord Jesus, hear a message grounded in the Word, and have some sweet fellowship with all of the members in the club that you may not get to see every week.


After a long week at school, it’s always nice to wind down by enjoying our dear Lord Jesus with fellow Christians. It’s a bonus if a home-cooked meal is also involved. We meet in various homes around Berkeley to have dinner, singing, and fellowship to encourage one another and so that we may gain Christ.


If none of the above events fits with your schedule, we also gather in twos and threes throughout the week for fellowship and the study of the Bible. The time, location, and topics are determined by the participants to match their schedules and preferences.


The College Conference is a semi-annual gathering of many students from college campuses in Northern California.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get away from the craziness of your midterms, papers, and problem sets, and enjoy some fresh air and the Lord’s fresh speaking in His word. 


Every year Christians on Campus takes a trip to visit our sister clubs throughout the United States. This is wonderful opportunity to meet other seeking Christian students and alumni of the club, preach the gospel on different campuses, and get to better know your fellow members who attend UC Berkeley.

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