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I remember when I first came to UC Berkeley. I had heard a lot about Christian things growing up and had the conviction that I was sinful, but I never had an experience of receiving the Lord. When I first went to a meeting with this group, I was impressed by three things: 1) I could tell these people really loved the Lord. I had never seen such a testimony, so that drew me to find out more and find out what they had. 2) They knew the Bible pretty well. I, of course, didn’t know the Bible as well and wanted to learn more. 3) At the meeting, when the speaker was sharing, I had the distinct sensation that God was speaking through this person. It’s very hard to put this last point into words, but I just felt that as he was speaking, the Lord was speaking directly to me.

As the meeting continued, I felt my heart being filled with joy and myself appreciating the Lord Jesus so much. Later, someone led me to receive the Lord. I can’t tell you how wonderful that experience was and how elated I felt, but I can say that it sure did change my life afterward. I’m just so glad that the Lord led me here to not only know Him initially but also as I go on to experience God daily, to understand the Word, to know what God’s plan is, to be a part of His purpose and to be pursuing with others who love the Lord.

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