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  • Ebenezer M, Josh L, Alexander H

#CoCinWA, Day 6

Updated: Apr 1

We started off our day by first going to the Kubota Garden where we got to see some beautiful sights of the nature there like the common camellia, and magnolia flower, which were my personal favorites simply because they were very pretty to take pictures of. We then headed off to the Museum of Flight where we got to see a bunch of planes and simulate a couple as well which was cool. My favorite part from the museum though by far was the VR headset experience of the first moon landing. I did it with Josh and Alex and just to give this a little bit of context I’ve never done anything VR related in my life. So the experience was very new to me. When we first put it on, the only thing you could see was Josh and Alex’s VR headset. You couldn’t see their faces or bodies just the headset which was so off putting for me that I burst out in laughter which caused Alex and Josh to do the same. We laughed and couldn’t stop for quite a while.That was definitely one of my highlights from the trip. After the Museum of Flight we then headed back to the University of Washington to join the saints weekly fellowship night where we sang a couple hymns and read through part of the ministry reading called Basic Lessons on Life. I enjoyed just being with all the saints from the campus and just blending together with ones I’ve never seen before.

—Ebenezer M.

Today, we went to a variety of places. We started at Kubota Garden where we saw many beautiful flowers and trees. The sight of these trees was so refreshing and the air felt so clean. Then we went to the Museum of Flight. Here, we were able to learn about the history of aviation and we got to go into some of the planes and look at the interior design of them such as Air Force One, and the Boeing 747. However, the coolest part was being able to see the evolution of fighter jets from the start of World War I to the Korean War. At night, we joined the UW Thursday fellowship night where we were able to sing and read some scripture with our sister clubs from UW and UCSD. My favorite part of the night was after the meeting where some brothers from UW came to our hospitality and played board games with us. After the UW brothers left at 11, our house played board games with our host until 2:30 am. Today was so incredible in being able to blend and form deeper connections with not only our sister clubs but also our hospitality.

—Joshua L.

Today in the morning revival time we discussed the singular righteousness of Christ versus the plural righteousnesses of the saints. Our sightseeing then started with a stop at the Kubota Japanese garden, where I had fun trying out Joseph’s camera, before we went to the nearby Flight Museum. There, I appreciated the passion of the docents as they explained aeronautical matters relating to their own life experiences with piloting and engineering. Next was the UW College Meeting, where I laughed and blended with the different saints (which has been a consistent highlight all week), and discussed how to manifest and demonstrate God’s life in ours, all within the setting of a very nice dorm building compared to those at Berkeley. Finally, with it being my hosts Daniel and Grace’s last night present with us before they leave for a conference, we had a large group over playing board games, which we continued with Daniel late into the night, saying “ok last one!” many times.

—Alexander H.

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