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Strengthening Each Other to Pursue Christ

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Praise the Lord for a wonderful Welcome Week to start off the semester! Organizing for Welcome Week was definitely arduous in that it involved several events to simultaneously prepare for in a short time, but the fruits of our labor made it all worth it. Each day and each event brought new faces and I was so encouraged that the Lord had been working behind the scenes to bring those who are seeking Him! The events themselves were full of enjoyment; the singing times were energetic, the game times were entertaining, and the speaking times were very encouraging! Still, I think the best part of Welcome Week is being able to meet new people with the same goal in mind—to dedicate part of our college time to the Lord despite the tight and busy schedules we each have. I hope that this new semester will bring even more enjoyment of Christ, and that we will strengthen each other in our pursuit of the Lord and our daily living!

- Daniel Hsu

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