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  • Nathan D., Noah L.

Preaching the Gospel in these Troubled Times

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

In this much yearned for Fellowship Night, Brother Mark discussed the biblical implications of the world’s tumultuous sociopolitical and public health landscapes. Rekindling our desire for spiritual overflow, which is the sharing of our enjoyment of Christ, he urged us to use this time to preach the Gospel to others. As depicted in the book of Acts, we as lovers of Christ should use prayer, Spirit, and the Word to reach others.

- Nathan D.

I was personally very touched by this past week’s Bible study. This week, we mainly focused on the portion of Acts where Peter learns that God desires to extend salvation not just to the Jews but also to the Gentiles as well. After going over the readings in our group, the fellowship that followed was enlightening, encouraging, and really enjoyable! Through our discussion, I learned to really appreciate that God, not being a “respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34), views everyone equally and wants all men to be saved. In our group, a few people brought up how sometimes, we focus too much on the differences between us and other believers to the point of negatively affecting the atmosphere of our meetings. Others also brought up how, in their gospel preaching, they sometimes deemed certain people to be “unlikely” to receive salvation, only to successfully bring that very person to the Lord! Then, at the end of our group time, we started to discuss how we could preach the gospel during quarantine and started spontaneously praying for those whom some of us were burdened for. Seeing others who were burdened for friends who were going through hard times and ones they haven’t contacted in a while really encouraged me to do the same!

- Noah L.

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