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  • Emlin L, Hector L, Nathan C

#CoCinWA, Day 5

“In whom all the building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in spirit.” (Eph 2:21-22)

Praise the Lord that we can be joined together and knit together to build up the Body! Today a lot of our activities involved such knitting and fitting. We started off by touring University of Washington with our sister club, Christian Students Association at UW. It was a sweet and joyful time to join their Bible study and pass out gospel tracts on campus. During my time passing out gospel tracts with my companions, I was touched by this interaction I had with a little kid. He came up to me and asked if he can have a tract. After I handed it to him, he smiled at me and said: “I’m a Christian too. God bless you!” How pure and lovely! Despite our age difference, I felt joined with him through the oneness of the Spirit. In the afternoon, we spent time blending with students from UW and UCSD through all sorts of activities. Volleyball, spike-ball, board games, group games… No matter what we did, we were able to get to know each other quickly and connect with each other on a deeper level. This is the oneness, which is Christ Himself!! I am looking forward to continuing to blend and enjoy the Lord with the Body in the rest of the week.

—Emlin L.

Today we visited the University of Washington campus and met many of the students at Christian Student Association, our sister club at UW! We get to experience joining their Bible study (which feels very different from ours), preaching the gospel on campus, and blending with other saints. The UW campus is beautiful with impressive architecture spaced out around while the school is decorated with many vivid colors of flowers and vegetation. I really enjoyed the time that we’ve spent together with the saints underneath all the cherry blossom trees at the courtyard. The petals falling in the wind was breathtaking and we took many pictures! Praise the Lord that just as the flowers gives off its fragrance, we can spread the fragrance of Christ wherever we go!

—Hector L.

This has been a week filled with fellowship in spirit. There have been numerous opportunities throughout the day to approach brothers and begin to fellowship on the Lord being the Spirit, the recovering of Christ as our life, our consecration to the Lord, etc. My concept of redeeming the time has been to pray, read the Word, sing, etc. This week I’ve been learning to redeem the time through fellowship with the other members. After sharing my desire to recover my family back to the genuine church life, I was greatly touched by a brother’s simple question: “What’re their names? Let’s pray for them.” What had began as ordinary conversation, lead to the furtherance of the building up of the Body in love.

I was encouraged by one brother’s appreciation for His morning times with the Lord this week. Beaming with joy, he said this was the first time he consistently spent time with the Lord in the morning. It’s a blessing to be brought further in our personal time with the Lord during this break.

We went out in threes to preach the gospel on the UW campus. Despite being nervous at first, it was sweet and enjoyable to share my experience of the Lord with others. From the ministry book we’ve been reading this week, our focus in preaching the gospel is to invite people to feast on the Lord. We can encourage new ones to feast by sharing what we have enjoyed and tasted of the Lord.

My highlights thus far have been appreciating the wonderful fellowship with older saints from the other localities during ordinary times in the day, e.g. over ice cream, during hikes, over dinner. It is a blessing to hear the experiences of the Lord from those mature in life.

—Nathan C.

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