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#CoCinWA, Day 4

Updated: Mar 30

It was such an eventful and fulfilling day with the Lord and all the saints! We started off the day with morning revival with saints from Berkeley and Cheney, WA where we had overflow time. I was really touched during this time that through our Spirit we can eat Christ. What’s more is like the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15:21-28) Christ made himself accessible and small to us like bread crumbs so we can eat and receive him!

Later on, our plans for the day consisted of some of Washington’s greatest attractions like Pike Place where they had the fish throwing and yummy food! As well as the Space and Chihuly museum which were BEAUTIFUL! After, we headed back to hospitality to have dinner and shared about our day and time with Christ. We even got to play some board games which was a fun (and competitive) way to end the night lol! Overall, I was so thankful to be in the body and have such an enjoyable time with my brothers and sister in Christ!

—Briana L.

It was so sweet to start the day enjoying the morning revival with fellow Berkeley sisters and with sisters from Cheney, WA! We read an excerpt from the Life-study of Colossians regarding Colossians 2:13-2:15. How amazing it is that Christ's crucifixion both redeemed us of our sins and did away with the laws binding us and standing between us and God! Praise the Lord that we can contact God directly, through His life!

I really felt His presence as the living God throughout the rest of the day, particularly during the prayer meeting tonight (the first one I've ever attended!). I also felt His love, poured out through the saints' prayers, and it was so encouraging. I felt like today was bookended by two rich experiences of Christ, and I can't wait to share and receive more of the Lord's supply during the rest of this trip.

—Amanda Y.

Today we got to explore the heart of Seattle! We visited Pike Place Market with so much excitement, each person running from stall to stall to experience Seattle staples such as clam chowder, greek frozen yogurt, apple cider, and more. In the evening, we spent time with our host families for dinner and got to share what we’ve enjoyed of Christ throughout the week. Through this, I was so fed! Praise the Lord that we can feast on him and on one another’s portion of Christ!

“As the living Father has sent Me and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also shall live because of Me." (John 6:57)

—Jessica Y.

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