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#CoCinWA, Day 3

Updated: Mar 27

We started this morning by meeting with saints from San Diego and the local Bellevue area. It was empowering to learn that there were many brothers and sisters like us across the coast who practiced and had fellowship in the same way that we did. But it was also a broadening experience to hear how the unique experiences of these believers have affected the way they enjoy Christ. We then hiked the Rattlesnake Trail alongside the group from San Diego. Halfway to the top, I began to feel a growing pain in my lower back, and my pace slowed to a crawl. I was very blessed to have a brother who was willing to walk alongside me during this time, and together we made it to our destination. I would have a chance to repay this brother for his kindness when I brought him an ad-hoc ice sack when he sprained his ankle, as well as his favorite dessert. These experiences, alongside the other moments I had with other believers, made me feel closer to the church and appreciative of the fact that we could enjoy the Lord together.

—Jerry L.

Today, I spent time with two brothers from Seattle and San Diego. We talked about our backgrounds and I got to hear what kept them in church. I was expecting a response along the lines of “I really liked ___ about here, so I stayed.” Instead, both of them responded with “By the grace of God, I’m still here.” They elaborated on their personal dealings with the Lord and their challenges and concepts that the Lord worked on. I was encouraged by their words but primarily their heart. I felt they had a heart for the Lord. I see things that aren’t God in my heart, but I have faith that the Lord works with the parts that are turned to Him. Lord, keep my intentions true and keep me, just as You kept these older brothers.

—George S.

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