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  • Alex G, Joseph K, Daniel H

#CoCinWA, Day 1

“As the living Father has sent Me and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also shall live because of Me”—John 6:57.

Thank you, Lord, for the spring break trip! We started off our trip with some fellowship on the Lord’s Table meeting that we would be joining tomorrow, and it was great to be reminded of what the bread and cup of the table signify. Praise you, Lord, for Your Body broken for us and the cup of blessing bought for us! I can't wait to meet the Seattle saints and join them in their table meeting.

After that, we went on quite the journey to get from Berkeley to San Jose before flying to Seattle. There was some downtime while we were waiting for our rental cars, and that presented a perfect opportunity for everyone to start reading their ministry book. I really enjoyed this point that “what matters today is to have life within us, not to implore Christ to do anything for us.” Oftentimes we come to Christ asking for Him to do something for us, but the best solution is just for us to eat Christ. The more we eat of Him by calling on His name, the more He can enter into us as our life and our everything. Then, He is able to help us overcome any circumstance.

Seattle, here we come!

—Alex G.

"To the ones who love Him in such a way

He is altogether lovely and worthy of their offering.

What they have poured upon the Lord is not a waste

But a fragrant testimony of His sweetness."

Today, the first day of spring break, was just another day of falling in love with the Lord. He followed us as we took the bart to the San Jose International Airport. He passed through TSA with us. He held our hand during the plane's turbulence. He got Dick's Burgers with us. And He accompanied us to the brothers house where we had sweet, sweet fellowship with really cool college students from U-dub. How lovely, how sweet to live another day under the divine dispensing. I sleepy now. Goodnight see U-[W] tomorrow. Praiseeeee the Lorrddd!

—Joseph K.

Praise the Lord for a smooth start to the spring break trip! Even though we spent most of the day traveling, we still found sweet fellowship in every moment! This week we’re getting into a book called Eating the Lord, where we see that actually, beyond the sacred pages of the Bible and all its doctrines and teachings, the Bible is actually a book about eating God (John 6:53-54). The Lord is so great and powerful, but He’s made Himself small enough for us to eat! But wait what...“eat God”? What does that mean? Well actually, our whole existence is just a constant process of eating. We eat physical food with our bodies to enjoy it and take in its nutrients; and we consume knowledge with our soul to feed our mind. Likewise, we also need to eat God to nourish our spirits. This simply means to take Him in and enjoy Him! How do we do this? Just by calling “Oh, Lord Jesus!” May this week be filled with much eating and enjoying the Lord!

—Daniel H.

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