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  • Newman C., Nathan C.

#CoCinAZ, Day 8

Today was our final day of the trip, pretty much entirely filled with driving from Phoenix all the way back to Berkeley. There was one notable stop, however, (and a few less notable ones, namely to get "really good fresh jerky" and McDonalds) which was a quick lunch break in Fullerton. Getting to see Noah's family after a long 6 hour drive and have delicious Indonesian food was immediately cherishing—from the moment we got there, chatting and catching up with them and just see their smiling faces was so refreshing and much needed.

This trip as a whole, though admittedly tiring and difficult at times, felt very needed for all of us. Getting to have lots of time to spend together and fellowship with so many different believers in different locations really refreshed me, renewing my vision of the Body and cherishing me through their abundant care. It also, for myself and many others, allowed for the Lord to take away lots of "insulation" holding us back from being close to Him and pursuing Him. After a tiring trip, though it may sound a little paradoxical, I really feel that we are more refreshed than when we left last Saturday morning, ready to rise up and pursue Him with renewed strength and give Him a fresh consecration for the last few weeks of the semester. Praise the Lord for this trip and for all He gained in us. 😊

—Newman C.

"For also in one Spirit we were all baptized into one Body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and were all given to drink one Spirit." (1 Corinthians 12:13)

Through visiting the believers in Los Angeles, Moreno Valley, Tempe, and Flagstaff, I had a fresh appreciation for the oneness of the Body. Indeed each locality has their own manner of singing certain hymns, praying, and praising. Yet in our enjoying the Lord together, it was clear that we were all ‘drinking one Spirit’ and enjoying the same Christ. When gathering as one Body, there was a flow of the Spirit. We were all partaking of the same riches of Christ. I realized that the blending of the Body mentioned in 1 Corinthians is related to our being blended in spirit; for that which is of the natural man can never be reconciled as one, but only that which is out of Christ can truly be one.

I greatly appreciated hearing saints’ testimonies of the Lord and entering into the church-life. There is a supply of life in the fellowship with saints whose lives are governed by a heavenly vision—that Christ desires the church to be built up as His Bride—who, loving the Lord, have migrated from city to city to build the church.

There is great joy when declaring “Splendid church-life, His green garden! He has brought us, praise the Lord!” Yet much more was this joy made full when seeing the saints from the other localities that the Lord has brought into the genuine church-life. Even to see those whom the Lord has brought in, remain in the church-life amidst outward circumstances and the many years, is a testimony to behold.

—Nathan C.

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