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#CoCinAZ, Day 3

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We started the day off with breakfast with some dear believers, and I was really cherished with one brother’s sharing. His pattern of simply speaking to others whatever he was enjoying was so encouraging, and it also served as a timely preparation for our gospel time at the CSUN campus today. I’m typically not the biggest fan of going out to speak to people in this way, as I often don’t know what to say and can be a pretty awkward person. However, I had the chance to pray with my gospel partner beforehand and we actually ended up having a couple of really nice conversations with some people we met! I really felt that the Lord honored our prayers; we were so pleasantly surprised with how open and seeking the students at CSUN are—a refreshing contrast from what I was bracing myself for initially.

—Aaron F.

We had quite the flurry of events today, visiting the CSUN campus and the Getty Villa, but I particularly enjoyed the evening when we blended with LA college students over dinner at their meeting hall. I really enjoyed the time because I got to meet more saints from LA and was able to reconnect with a few brothers I met last summer. After dinner, we had some really enjoyable singing before the time was opened for students to share about any recent enjoyment or experiences during the semester. It was really refreshing to hear about students' varied enjoyments of Christ! A sister included a verse with her sharing and it reminded me of our daily need to continue turning to the Lord. Romans 8:6, "For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace." I shared about the original worries I had with my hospitality situation these last few days, but how the Lord's grace really supplied me and came into our time to make it so sweet. How vast and wonderful is He! It's gonna be a long drive to Arizona tomorrow, but I'm excited to blend with the saints and be built up more in the Body.

—Alex G.

Y'know, for the past couple of days I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy spring break trip. As a graduating senior I’m confronted constantly with a big question: “College is over. What do I do?” But spending time with the saints has really taught me that things do work for good (Romans 8:28). Hearing the overflow from other college students my age at the blending meeting really did cement my faith that the Lord has a plan for me. As students, we’re constantly surrounded by the pressures of the world, and it’s really all too easy to lose our way. Yet, blending with the CSUN and UCLA saints really opened my eyes to how we as the church are truly one Body, and constantly support each other through prayer and shepherding.

—Albert Q.

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