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#CoCinAZ, Day 1

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The first day of our spring break trip was nice! We started in the morning with singing and morning revival. I enjoyed that God wants us to eat Him to be constituted with Him! Then we drove down to Northridge and on the way we ate In N Out burger. When we got to the Pan's (Theo's parents!) house, there was so much sweet fellowship and I really felt the splendid church life! God is getting us together!

—Zach S.

One of my favorite moments before departing Berkeley was singing "Jesus, Fountain of my days". Singing the hymn really made me feel at peace with the Lord and all the brothers and sisters. I especially enjoyed the line, “And my once rebellious will heard the mandate, Peace, be still!”

—Kevin R.

"Jesus is getting us together,

Come and see the saints in one accord.

His love is knitting us together,

To the stature of the fullness of the Lord."

Meeting the many brothers and sisters tonight was so sweet! I was pleasantly surprised and so cherished by the saints' warm heart toward us—even though we had just met them, there was no formality or awkwardness. I particularly liked my time tonight talking to the family whose place I was staying at—their names were Ernie, June, and EJ (their son). On the ride back, Ernie and I spent a good amount of time talking about cars—he was a car mechanic—and I feel like I gained some practical wisdom from that. EJ and I also bonded over the fact that we were both on the track team in high school (especially since we both were sprinters).

But most importantly, I was so encouraged by this family's testimony of meeting the saints in the church in LA (Hall 2). In Ernie's words, his wife, June, "dragged him there kicking and screaming." But over time, he began to develop connections with some of the brothers there, and his heart was warmed toward the saints. EJ said that even though he initially thought the format of the meetings was different from what he was used to, he was attracted by the community of high-school brothers there. Now, even though it's only been around 4-5 years since they met the saints here, EJ feels like he "grew up with these brothers"—he plays basketball with them, gets lunch with them weekly, and knows each brother's peculiarities and mannerisms. As I was listening, I was so impressed and touched by how real the Lord has been to this family through the different members of His Body.

Lord, we love You and we love Your Body!

—Jeremy T.

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