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  • Gabriela E.

Anxiety has no power over us

As a college student, I worry about academics and often let anxiety overcome my senses. I focus all my energy on one thing that is not incredibly significant at the end of the day. I really identified with the example about the SAT, for I also have the fear of how a score could influence my future. Hence, being part of the last Fellowship Night reminded me of the most beautiful part of my life: God. The Lord provides, He takes care of our needs, and He listens to our prayers. Anxiety has no power over us, and there is no reason to be stressed when our Father is by our side. I reflected upon my own actions and thoughts and was shocked to find that I rarely recognize how much God cares for my family and me. So, this past message was an awakening call to praise the Lord and live with gratitude—a way to remind me and others that God is always looking after us.

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