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God's Need is Greater than our Need and The Matter of Consecration

This year our Spring Break Trip was canceled due to the coronavirus situation. Although at first I was a bit disappointed, since this would be my last Spring Break Trip with the club, I was really glad that we were still able to come together to read through the book “God’s Need and God’s Goal” via Zoom during the week. I was part of the 11 am calls, and I found it very sweet to fellowship with a small group of students about this book every day right before lunch. It was a way to stay connected with each other and to encourage each other to continue enjoying the Lord, even while we’re at home! The reading really touched me because it showed me that God has a need and that God’s need is actually greater than our own need in some aspects! This helped me put my own worries and anxieties aside, even if just for that hour during the call, and instead focus on the fact that God has a need for us to cooperate with Him, to enjoy Him, and to allow Him to make more home in our hearts! May the Lord gain more of all of us during these times!

-Zoe L.

Although our Spring Break Trip got canceled, the Spring Break Reading and Fellowship Program was a really sweet experience. We got to meet other students (like Stanley!) from other schools and have rich fellowship with one another!

I was freshly impressed with two points in seeing God’s need and goal. First was the matter of consecration. I always thought that consecration was a matter of giving something invaluable for the Lord, involving sacrifices and suffering. However, this isn’t consecration. Instead, consecration means to bring all our matters and situations to the Lord, handing them over to Him completely through prayer. We yield the way for the Lord to come into our lives, trusting Him in every matter. In the book, the author used an analogy to describe consecration. In order to get a child to drop a knife, an adult would offer the child candy. The child drops the knife because the candy is good and precious. Consecration is allowing the Lord to work in us to “drop the knife” and “pick up the candy.” Throughout this process, the child is never sad. Instead, he is happy the whole time. Consecration is a happy thing! May we all have such a joyful experience of consecrating ourselves to the Lord!

Secondly, the Lord arranges the course in our Christian life, and this life is not designed to be perfect. I always thought that the trajectory of the Christian life was to go upward and get better. However, this is not how the Lord works. Instead, He wants us to experience failures. This is not to discourage us, but for us to grow in Him. When we fail, the Lord wants us to come to Him, to spend time with him, and talk to Him. When we have “holes,” it’s the opportunity for Him to come into us and fill us with Himself. Only those who are broken can experience the grace of God! Let us not be discouraged when we fail, but let it be an experience to gain more of Him!

By consecrating ourselves to the Lord, God can reach His need! By spending time with Him, God can mingle Himself with us and accomplish His goal! Hallelujah for His need and goal!

-Matthew Y.

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