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  • Cindy L.

Paying the Price

I appreciated seeing in Matthew 24-25 that the way for us to prepare for the Lord's return is to pay the price to buy oil for our vessels and to redeem the time, as well as to invest the talent apportioned to us by God. It might seem like a lot to "pay a price," but I was impressed that we just need to have a change in our concepts and in our priorities. If we see the Lord's supreme preciousness and we love Him above all other things, then paying a price, such as getting up 15 minutes earlier to spend time with Him in the morning, is insignificant. The more we love the Lord, the more we are rooted in Him rather than in the world. Spontaneously we will desire to spend more time with the Lord, with our fellow believers, and in the Word. We need to live a life expecting and awaiting the Lord's return, that our living may even hasten the Lord's return! Come, Lord Jesus!

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