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Appreciating the Body of Christ

I had such a wonderful time at my first college conference. I loved each of the messages, and was especially touched by our need for more oil and more Spirit! But even more, I loved the students’ sharing, from the farmer brother from Indonesia to the sisters who found time to pray for each other every day. I loved how comfortable everyone was to share their experiences. You could feel the presence of God.

Furthermore, the singing was phenomenal. There was such energy and such passion! Here, there was no room for nervousness or self-consciousness, and there was no judgment, only love for Christ. Even with those I wasn’t able to talk to personally, I felt a warm bond connecting us as children of God. This was the greatest feeling. Leaving Mt. Gilead, I have a warm sense of belonging, knowing that however far we are physically, we are all in each others’ hearts, as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ:

“Christ in you is the hope for me!

You also need Christ lived in me.

I live, if you stand firm in the Lord.

You live, if I stand firm in the Lord.”

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