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  • Bethany L, Freeman C., Matthew C., Matthew Y.

Winter Retreat Enjoyments!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

“This winter retreat, I really enjoyed sledding and making a Peppa Pig-shaped snowman, but what was most enjoyable to me was delving into the riches in the book of Nehemiah! It was so wonderful to get into the Word, and because we were reading together in small groups, I was able to understand and receive more of Nehemiah than I would have had I read it on my own. Something that particularly stood out to me was a characteristic of Nehemiah— he was a man of prayer whose first instinct in every situation was to pray to God. May we all be like Nehemiah in choosing to put prayer as our first and foremost priority!”

— Bethany L

“The winter retreat was such a fun and amazing experience! The effects of my jetlag were kept at a minimum because each day was filled with fun activities and the enjoyment of our Lord Jesus! We played many fun games, including a backpack scavenger hunt where we raced to find different items in our backpacks and telephone Pictionary, a classic. On top of all that, we had snowball fights, and with a little 10 minute drive, were able to go sledding! 🛷 However, I feel like the highlight of the trip for me was really in the Bible reading times— we were divided into groups, and during multiple parts of the day we would dive into the book of Nehemiah. There was time to read, to discuss, and to share our enjoyments with one another and it was a really great time not just to get to know everyone at the retreat, but also to see how all of us can be Nehemiahs today! I really enjoyed seeing that Nehemiah was one who loved God and cared for God’s interest— because of this, he was a man of prayer and the one who took the initiative to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. However, it wasn’t just Nehemiah! Perfumers, goldsmiths, and many others also participated in the building of the wall; although they weren’t necessarily known to be builders, they realized that God’s desire was to have the wall of Jerusalem rebuilt, and they had to take part in it. This retreat was such a great start to the semester because it not only gave me a chance to begin it with people who love Jesus, but also helped to recenter and refocus me. We need to be people who are one with God’s desire and His will for us so that even during the busy semester we can still take part in the building work!“

— Freeman C.

“I enjoyed from Nehemiah that the Lord desires two things: He desires a building and He desires a group of people that are constituted with His Word! Though I sometimes feel like I can't be useful to God's building work today, I was so encouraged to see that He has a way to add Himself more to us through His Word! I’m very much looking forward to the Bible studies this semester— thank You Lord for another opportunity to be constituted with Your Word!”

— Matthew C.

"I really enjoyed blending with other college students this winter retreat! I had a lot of fun throwing snowballs and going sledding with everyone, but what was most enjoyable was coming together to read the Bible! In our reading groups, I enjoyed in Nehemiah that even the perfumers and goldsmiths had a part in the building of the wall in Jerusalem. Even though we are all different types of people on earth, God gave all of us a role for His purpose. Hallelujah we all have a purpose to strengthen God's building of the church!"

— Matthew Y.

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