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  • Bethany L.

Spiritual Breathing

Our God is a faithful God! He was faithful to bring me and many others to the Bible study last Tuesday, which was the first Bible study of the school year. This semester, we are going over 1 Corinthians, a book about Christ and His cross as the solution to all problems in the church. We’ve only gotten through the first nine verses, but there’s so much there. Just last week, we saw that the church is all the called saints, and also all those who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in every place (1 Cor. 1:2). Personally, I really enjoy that we can call on the Lord in every place, and that we should practice doing this at every moment because as someone in my Bible study shared, calling on the Lord is our spiritual breathing (Lam. 3:55-56). Every time we call on the Lord, we are taking a breath of air, and this air is the Lord Himself! May we keep calling on the Lord this semester. Looking forward to the rest of the Bible studies!

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