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  • Ariel L.

Receiving the Other Believers

In my Thursday night Bible study last night on Romans 14, we saw the basis on which we should receive the other believers. As part of our being transformed, we need to have our perspective uplifted to see that the Lord’s love for the other members of the Body is the ground on which we should fellowship with one another. We shouldn’t only fellowship with those who have the exact same practices as us, and we shouldn’t let these practices that are seemingly important divide the Body of Christ and hinder us from fellowshipping with one another. Paul uses the examples of diet and observing of days as things that separated the believers from one another, and in our lives today, these could be things like how we pray, how we sing, how we praise, etc. If we refuse to fellowship with others because we don’t agree on these practices, we are essentially attacking the Body of Christ, “breaking down the work of God” as it says in verse 20. Furthermore, we need to have the realization that the person we are judging is loved by the Lord. No matter how serious these things may seem, that member is a member of the Body, and the Lord died for him or her. We should fellowship with him or her on this basis. I really appreciated seeing this point. Sometimes we subconsciously or unknowingly judge the believers around us on the basis of their personal piety, but we need to remember the Lord’s love for that one we are judging.

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