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  • Ivy Z.

Victory, Victory, Hallelujah!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This week, I freshly appreciated how Christ’s death is a victory! When Christ was being crucified, those who were passing by blasphemed Him by tempting Him to come down from the cross to prove that He was the Son of God. Though mocked in this way, Christ was thinking not of His own condition but of the Father’s will even unto death. He was thinking about the greater joy set before Him which was accomplishing eternal redemption for the many believers to come— redemption for you and me. I am full of thanksgiving that the Lord accomplished redemption for us particularly so that there is no more separation between God and man. How great is it that we can come directly to God in this age? What a glorious redemption Christ has accomplished on the cross! Praise Him!

- Ivy Z.

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