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NACT 2019 (6)

“Have you ever lost something, even forgotten about it, just to find it months later, bringing you unspeakable joy? I certainly have (with just about everything I’ve owned). Actually, this is often our experience. Because of worldly distractions and sin, we lost the Christ that we had in us; in fact, we became slaves of the world, bound by an illegal master. But the jubilee has come, and we have been set free! Not only have we been freed from bondage, we have been returned to our possession and portion— and this portion is God Himself! Additionally, the jubilee is no longer just a once-every-fifty-year thing. It’s something eternal, something that truly satisfies us forever, because it’s God Himself. All we need to do to possess God as our portion is enjoy Him! So, we need to set our mind on the things which are above, and set our goal not on joy, peace, comfort, or blessing, but on God Himself. He can give us all of that, and so much more. All we have to do is turn to our spirits and enjoy God through the Word, living with Him moment by moment every day, even having a personal relationship with Him. Although we once lost God, we now have been returned to Him, and He is the only thing that satisfies us and brings us unspeakable joy.” — Bell W.

“At the North America College Training, I enjoyed so much that I can live a life in the jubilee! However, my favorite part was my morning times with the Lord. In Matthew 6, the Lord instructs us to ‘go into your private room, and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret...’ I realized that my private relationship with the Lord needed to be strengthened, so that I would know how to spend time with Him and ‘deepen my roots’ with Him. Much of my prayer last week was from hymn 394, stanza 2: ‘deepen all thy work, O Master; strengthen every downward root’. To try to incorporate that into my normal life, I've set the goal of spending 7 minutes of personal time with the Lord every morning since NACT. Another thing that has helped me a lot is having the first thing I see in the morning be some verses... instead of my social media notifications!” — Freeman C.

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