• Bell W.

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel..."

In this week's Bible study, we entered into the first portion of Romans. Although these first seventeen verses were a mere introduction of Paul's letter to the Roman believers, these verses contained a rich portion of Christ. As foretold in this introduction, the gospel of God is the central topic of the book of Romans. We are “the called ones” (v. 6), and like Christ, God's Son, we can also be made children of God.

One word that interested me was "fruit" (v. 13). What does it mean to "have fruit"? Fruit symbolizes a new life, like a new believer. The gospel of God has the power to save everyone who believes–so we can bear fruit abundantly.

The book of Romans is full of the riches of Christ. For a deeper understanding of the book, as well as free snacks, come to next week's Bible Study!

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