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NACT 2020 - Samuel the Nazarite (2)

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Though this year’s college training unfortunately couldn’t be in person, it was still very enjoyable! I felt the Lord had a particular burden to speak on our current situation, and it was great to see so many students participating from all over the country! One topic I was especially touched by was the Nazarite vow. The speaker explained that this was a sort of “emergency” provision that the Lord created in case His chosen priesthood, those of the house of Aaron in the tribe of Levi, failed to fulfill their duties. Those who wanted to be Nazarites didn’t have to be “chosen” by God; rather, the vow is initiated solely by one’s own volition. This means that for us to be priests for God today, we don’t need to be gifted, eloquent, or strong—it simply requires us to make the resolution to take this vow. This is how the Lord can recover His priesthood today! May we be those who are touched to take a stand and make a resolution to be the Nazarites the Lord needs to bring Him back.

- Newman C.

I was impressed by the speaking from the college training that God is desperately calling us to be today's Samuels. We can answer this call with a special consecration, the Nazarite vow! The Lord is just looking for us to be willing and open to choose Him over everything else. When we allow Him to come into every situation in our life, He can saturate our inward parts and gain more of our hearts. Lord, I pray that I would actively choose you throughout this upcoming semester and offer a fresh consecration day by day, morning by morning.

- Zach S.

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