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NACT 2020 - Samuel the Nazarite (1)

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I appreciated the emphasis on “cooperation with God” in the 2020 college training. Although Hannah was barren and could have chosen to give in to despair for not having a child, she instead turned her faith toward the Lord. "Lord, I am here to cooperate with Your will. Give me a child and he will be Yours." We should remember that God relies on man, just as man relies on God. Only through man's willingness to cooperate and pray can God fully move on this earth. Through this power of prayer, we can unleash God's unlimited power to move on this earth! Let us live as ones echoing God's heart!

- Emily W.

God is calling all of us to cooperate with Him as the Samuels to turn this age! I enjoyed so many portions of the college training, but something that stood out to me the most was how Samuel was one who ministered as a faithful priest to God. He was one who was fully one with God in his heart and in his mind, and in this way was able to carry out God’s will. In the same way, all of God’s saved ones (us!) are called to be priests — not to do something for the Lord, but to be completely taken over and fully saturated with Him. By spending time with Him, He is able to fill us up to the brim and flow out of us to others as His full expression. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that when others touch you, they touch God? May we be ones that are completely and thoroughly possessed by God so that He can work through us!

- Shirley B.

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