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  • Melissa H.

Growing and Serving The Lord

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This summer I was able to be part of the social media internship! I enjoyed it and learned of the importance of using my skills for the Lord. As someone who is generally more creative, I like spending my time creating new content and can spend hours editing. I have previously taken pictures for events at my church back home and have edited videos for community events. As an aspiring filmmaker, I tend to have trouble finding places where I can maintain the truths of my Christian faith as I practice my craft. I found it empowering to create graphic designs and script ideas for the videos for Christians on Campus because I knew all this would be used to bring more students closer to our Lord.

I am thankful for this opportunity to engage with my creative side and my faith at the same time. During these two weeks of the internship I feel I have grown and learned new ways to make graphics look more elegant and to notice the little details that can be changed to improve a graphic. I had the mindset of “there is always room for improvement,” so I appreciated when I received feedback on the graphics that I created on Canva because I knew it was all for the best.

On another note, I also enjoyed the time we spent on the ministry readings and our Bible reading breaks. Chapter 8, titled “Letting Things Pass into the Hands of Others,” talked about delegating by allowing more people to serve, in order to have more people involved with God’s work. This is something I want to improve in, so I found it rewarding to read about the importance of providing service opportunities to others who are joining us in this ministry. I am grateful for this internship and plan to put everything that I learned into practice.

-Melissa H.

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