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  • Selah-Marie G, Sarah K, Abby N, Cindy L

#CoCinNorCal, Day 2

Today was the second day of our spring break trip! We started off the day by eating breakfast with our hospitality. The family we stayed with were so excited to have us and made us a massive breakfast. Then we all headed over to the Church in Cupertino meeting hall for some singing and corporate morning revival.

I really enjoyed this time because I was refreshed and energized spiritually for my day. Also, I appreciated hearing the prayers of the other students. It’s always an encouragement to see those who are your own age loving the Lord Jesus. I even wrote “wow!” in my book because our time together was so sweet.

First Corinthians 12:13 says, "In one Spirit we were all baptized into one Body…and were all given to drink one spirit." Throughout this trip I have seen a little bit of this oneness through our times with the different churches we have visited. Everywhere we went, we were met by people who love the Lord Jesus. I have had a ton of fun, especially when we went to the Natural Bridges Beach. I am very excited for the rest of the trip and the activities planned!

—Selah-Marie G.

On day two of our spring break trip, we started off the day with a delicious homemade breakfast. Our host baked sweet potatoes, made scrambled eggs and quiche, and even packed fruit bags for us to take on the rest of our day trip! I really enjoyed spending time with our hospitality and fellowshipping together. Then, we headed to the Church in Cupertino hall to sing together and dive into the morning revival material.

Today’s verses and reading focused on the matter of being baptized into the Triune God. When we are baptized, we are actually baptized into the Father, Son, AND Spirit. The Father is the fountain as the source, the Son is the spring, and the Spirit is the flowing river. I enjoyed that the Triune God becomes the living water within us and when we drink of the water, it becomes a fountain within us. Rather than being baptized as individual members, we are baptized into the Body and can eventually enjoy the blending and mingling of God with man. Lord, cause us to be so thirsty to partake and drink of this fountain!

—Sarah K.

Today we spent a sunny day in Santa Cruz. When everyone arrived, we prayed together and ate banh mi for lunch. After lunch we went onto the beach. Some played volleyball while others opted to have a nice nap. After the beach, we went to a chocolate shop and tried the world’s best ice cream bar. It was a very sweet and enjoyable day with the brothers and sisters. Praise the Lord!

—Abby N.

“For also in one Spirit we were baptized into one Body… and were all given to drink one Spirit.” —1 Cor. 12:13

Today was probably, or at least it felt like, a longer day than yesterday. During the day, I tired myself out running around on the beach, ate some yummy chocolate coated ice cream, and somehow managed to stay awake during the car ride back. To be honest, I was ready to hit the sack the moment I got off the car. But there was a delicious, hearty meal prepared by the saints at the home I was staying at and the family themselves waiting for us. The moment I saw their faces, I felt at home, even though I’d only met them for less than 24 hours, and only briefly at that. When we prayed together before the meal, I felt a sense of life and light flowing in. It’s different than when I spend time with friends or even sometimes blood relatives, there was something deeper. And through all our prayer with the saints and our fellowship together, I’ve been enjoying this organic union not only with Christ but also with the saints in His Body. Hallelujah for the Body!

—Cindy L.

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