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#CoCinAZ, Day 5

Today was a really fun day! Our day started off with us getting together at the Tempe meeting hall and having a time to sing all together. Afterwards, we broke up individually and then into groups to have time with the Lord in the morning. I was in a group with David, Joseph L., and Zachary! We sang a little and then read about how we need to have God dispensed into our being! Another thing we did today was go to the Arizona State University campus and preach the gospel! I was paired up with Joseph L. and we went around talking to different students about the Lord! We met some who were willing to have really pleasant conversations about God!

—Noah L.

“For the body is not one member but many”—1 Corinthians 12:14

After we’ve visited the ASU campus, we headed out to the Goldfield Ghost Town. The Journey there was scenic, with the desert flowers blooming on each side of the road like waves of gold and amber. However, the town itself was truly breathtaking. The mines and the town of the 1890s has an indescribable feeling of history, with artifacts and buildings that feel like they're from a completely different world. We went on a tour in the mines, visited some optical illusions in the mystery shack, and went on a train ride that circled the ghost town. The ghost town is definitely one of the highlights of the trip as it was a historical experience surrounded by a gorgeous view of the Arizona desert as well as the Superstition Mountains.

For dinner, Andrew, Theo, Zach, and I had the privilege of having brother Won take us to many of his favorite local restaurants. It was a night full of delicious surprises, filled with fellowship, laughter, Mediterranean skewers, frozen custards, and even pizzas that have pasta as its topping (what a crazy concept)!

Another day full of fun, Arizona, fellowship, and God.

—Hector L.

One half of the trip down, another exciting half to look forward to! Praise the Lord for all the blending and fellowship we’ve had so far. Today we visited Goldfield, Arizona, which is a ghost town and former gold mining powerhouse. While originally I didn’t really see the appeal of a ghost town and what it can offer, my expectations were exceeded after seeing the beautiful mountain range scenery and learning about the history of the historic town. We toured a mineshaft where we got to see the equipment and working conditions back in the late 1800s (no electric lighting and proper ventilation back then!), and we also rode a steam train around the premises to witness some spectacular views. There was also a mystery house that used clever perspective to pull off some cool physics-defying illusions such as water flowing upwards against gravity.

Afterwards, we had dinner with the local believers in smaller groups, and the fellowship was just so full of life. There’s something about conversing with ones with more experience and wisdom about their Christian pursuit, and the perspectives and advice they offer is truly encouraging (they also had a toddler who was an energetic bundle of Joy). Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has to offer!

—Daniel H.

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