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  • Zach S.

Being Purified by Christ

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Wow, this past fellowship night showed how I can be renewed day by day and allow the Lord to grow in me. It has been a struggle sometimes to understand how to live the daily Christian life, especially when things get busy and stressful. But this speaking gave me some practical steps that left me encouraged and motivated to pursue on! Simply put, we are in the process of being tea-ified. We saw a wonderful illustration of our vessel being like a jar holding water. However, this water gets polluted with mud and other nasty things. Why? Because we are fallen, and we are hopeless sinners. But praise the Lord we can claim the Lord’s blood reconciling us to God, and the water is made pure again. But this is only the first step. Afterward, we need Christ as the tea bag to spread all His riches into our innermost being. In this way, the plain, tasteless water can have the essence of the tea flavor. But it is so important that we first must confess our sins before we are supplied—we can’t make tea with dirty water! This is so great—we have a way to go on in this simple way.

- Zach S.

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