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  • Dulce C. Shalandy Z.

Fellowship Night Live!

The Fellowship Night was truly a respite from the pandemic situation and constant bombardment of alarming news on social media. I was really touched to hear my brothers and sisters praising the Lord so passionately, and being reminded of the joy that God brings to our lives filled me with an inexplicable bliss. A part of the overall message that spoke to me was from the parable of the slaves who were given talents, where the speaker highlighted the way in which the Lord’s reward lies in our faithfulness to use the gifts He’s bestowed us, and not in the quantity of our work. This impacted me because I was reminded of God’s presence as Someone who just wants to bring out the best in us, and fill us with His unconditional love.

-Dulce Lopez C.

I was so blessed by the Word and sharing of this recent (online) Fellowship Night! I learned that although Christ’s coming consists of both the feast and judgment, it shouldn’t be something we as Christians fear. Instead, Christ’s coming should be something we look forward to and something that motivates us to be faithful servants. I also loved the points of practical application in our daily living: prayer, reading the Word, and fellowship. Fellowship may seem difficult in these times, but we should be encouraged to do so all the more— as our last Fellowship Night proved we can!

-Shalandy Z.

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