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  • Stanley T., C. W.

All Things Are Now Ready and Responding to God's Need

It's hard to imagine that our all-powerful, almighty, and omnipotent God has a need. His need does not pertain to something physical, nor does it pertain to our working for Him; rather, His need is to give Himself to us so that He can be our life and our everything. Luke 14:17 says, “come, for all things are now ready.” The Lord has prepared a wonderful feast for us, and we simply need to come and enjoy Him! As such, we should stand in the position of consecration by faith, allowing the Lord to take charge in our personal situations. May the Lord enlighten our view to see more of His need and to give ourselves freshly to Him for His purpose!

-Stanley T. (Student from Rice University Christians on Campus)

This spring break, the club read through a book, “God’s Need and God’s Goal.” I appreciated that first, God has a need. God seeks and finds man in order to meet God’s need. Luke 14:16-17 reveals that the Lord likens His salvation to a dinner—everything is prepared on His side, but we need to come and dine! God’s need is to give Himself to us. While we cannot give anything to Him, we should respond by consecrating ourselves to Him. Consecrating is to give Him the authority in all things! However, God is wise. He knows that even after consecrating ourselves to Him, we fail and we backslide. Thus, He ordained that we would have new beginnings, as typified by the days, months, and years. Every one of our failures actually produces an opening for God to give Himself to us. When we fail, we are forced to touch Him, and He can work more of Himself into us. This allows God to achieve His goal: to enter into man and to mingle Himself with man. When He mingles Himself with us, we live our lives in His presence, being one with Him. Praise the Lord! May we be ones who experience God’s need and have a vision of God’s goal.

-C. W.

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