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  • Alvin F., Cherie H.

Who is Christ?

This week, we read the latter half of Matthew 22, where Jesus is questioned by the Pharisees, Herodians, and Sadducees, who seek to entrap Jesus by asking him difficult questions. However, much to the Pharisees’ surprise, Jesus asks them a question that teaches them who He really is: He is simultaneously the son of David, as well as the Son of God the Father. As such, Jesus serves as the bridge between us and God, connecting us to God not just through His teachings, but through His actual blood and flesh.

For someone who is still relatively new to Christianity like me, this passage of Matthew really speaks to me because it emphasizes just how perfect Jesus is. He is human like us, yet He is also so much more, always able to give the right answer and make the right choice.

- Alvin F.

I really appreciated the matter of the Lord asking the Sadducees and Pharisees, "What do you think concerning the Christ? Whose son is He?" (Matthew 22:42​) When they answered with David's son they weren’t technically wrong because in Matthew 1:1, the Lord calls Himself the son of David. However, I appreciated seeing that they were wrong because they didn’t go deeper into the real essence of who Jesus was, which was the Son of the living God. Christ is the son of David but in His character and essence, He is God in the flesh. This matter is something we should consider. Do we know the essence or character of Christ, and if not, how do we find out? We can do this by reading His word and spending time with the Lord. I loved seeing this fresh reminder at the end of chapter 22. May we consider whose son Christ is more this week.

- Cherie H.

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