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  • Stephen Z.

Be Ready!

The Lord has given us the promise of His return! When the Lord comes back, He as the Bridegroom will present the church as the bride to Himself as His counterpart. Just as the bride is looking forward to the wedding day, we also should be eagerly awaiting His return.

But, how should we live our life anticipating and waiting for His return? We need to see that every day of us waiting is another day for us to be made ready. We need to be watchful in buying more oil for our vessels and in being faithful in our service to His household. We should not let a single day go to waste, but rather, redeem our time; we should not be drunken by this age, but be filled with the Spirit.

The Lord is waiting for us to be made ready! Every day, He is sanctifying and cleansing us, imparting His life into us and saturating us, preparing us for His coming. And on the day of His return, the day of the marriage, He will present us, the church, to Himself, holy and without blemish, matching Him in life and in nature. May we be those who are made ready!

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