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  • Zachary S.

Faith like a Mustard Seed!

What I enjoyed from this week's Bible study was that we just need a little faith—faith like a mustard seed—to be able to move mountains (Matthew 17:20). We are not required to be ones with giant faith; if we just have a genuine belief in the Lord, even if our faith is small, nothing is impossible.

From my experience, I remember that one time when I was taking a midterm, I couldn't solve a really hard problem. As a result, I was super anxious. But I suddenly realized that I had a verse down on my cheat sheet. So I simply turned to the Lord and pray-read the verse, giving the problem to the Lord. I felt at peace at that moment. I was eventually able to solve the problem, but beyond that, I was really happy that I could enjoy the Lord in that moment.

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