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  • Matthew Y.

Starting with What God Needs in Us

Our first Fellowship Night of the spring semester was a really awesome one! It was great to see so many new and returning students enjoying the Lord together! There was no better way to start off this semester as a club—singing and enjoying the Lord. When two of our dear senior club members gave a sweet word about God’s eternal plan, I was really touched that God created us to fulfill His eternal purpose and share His fullness with us! God is just so unsearchably rich, and that is why He created us—to share His riches with us and gain His corporate expression on this earth. In order to take in these riches, we need to align our heart with God. We cannot take in something if we don’t agree with it, physically or spiritually! To do this, we have to care for the condition of our heart and make a daily turn to Him! Praise God for His glorious, eternal plan! I pray that He would continue His plan in us this semester as a club!

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