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  • Andrew K.

Renew Our Hearts

This last fellowship night of the semester focused on how the parable of the sower in Matthew 13 demonstrates the various ways the world and our sinful nature can distract us from the truth of the kingdom. The parable focuses on how worldly traffic can act to prevent a proper understanding of the Word of the kingdom, how our sinful nature can prevent the Word from forming a strong foundation, and how the anxieties in the current age can reduce the presence of the Word from growing in our hearts.

I was extremely humbled by this message, as these three sources continue to have a foothold, and can fluctuate and even grow at times. However, I was also encouraged that these problems are confined to the heart. Furthermore, through turning, talking, and confessing to the Lord we can maintain and renew our hearts. Praise the Lord that although we are not perfect, He has provided a way for us to address and dampen these impurities, and increase our growth from receiving the Word!

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