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  • Jeremy T.

CoC Bake-off

We had a wonderful time at the CoC bake-off! For those that came, we hope all of you enjoyed the rush of scrambling for ingredients, the satisfaction of mixing the cookie dough, the warmly sweet smell emanating from the oven, and the crunchy-chewy happiness after biting into the finished product. Going around, the cookies that were made ranged from earl grey and matcha to peppermint-coffee, Oreo-stuffed, and lemon sugar. The innovative “cookie cup” was a judge favorite, but the simple, homely cinnamon-apple-white chocolate won it all.

Regardless, the best part was still just going around and tasting all the cookies, and talking to the other club members. Considering that this was the first time baking for many of us, it was amazing to see each and every person contribute in their own unique way — beating the eggs, measuring out the sugar, or even just writing the cookie description. There really was something for everyone, and we hope that you will all join us again for our next club-wide event!

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