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NACT 2019 (2)

“Aside from all the excitement of having really amazing cafeteria food (@ the soft serve ice cream, the MVP of every meal) and being surrounded with 2800 saints who love the Lord, my true highlight from NACT was the realization of how much the Lord simply wants us to enjoy Him. This is literally God’s central thought for man. A few verses that I enjoyed related to this are Colossians 2:6-8a: ‘As therefore you have received the Christ, Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, having been rooted and being built up in Him, and being established in the faith even as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. Beware that no one carries you off as spoil…’ What does this mean? It means that today, there is a constant fight— God wants us to be freed from slavery (freed from all our bondages) and returned to our possession (to enjoy Christ as the land, meaning that we enjoy Him in all of His rich aspects in our day-to-day living), while Satan wants to keep us in bondage (tied down to many different things in the world) and be stopped from our enjoyment of God. Satan has created so many bondages— so many subtle substitutes and clever counterfeits for Christ— that capture us and carry us away from Christ. Even good things, like a care for our grades or our consideration for what kind of job we want in the future, can be a bondage to us. But, our God is a God of recovery! The whole principle of the jubilee is that we can be returned to our possession and to our family— this means that everyday, moment by moment, we can be freed from all of these bondages and be returned to enjoying Christ as our real enjoyment. This shows us how important it is that every day we fight the good fight to enjoy Christ, and not to let Satan defraud us of our purpose. Moment by moment, we need to hold fast to our enjoyment of Christ. Every day, the Lord can recover us back to Christ. We simply need to return to Him as the good land and enjoy Him as our satisfaction in every moment of our life.” — Grace L.

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