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NACT 2019

“This week at the college training was, honestly, the best week of my life. I was able to understand further the basic concepts of the Christian life by just applying the things I learned to my daily living. Whether it was having morning personal time with the Lord or memorizing verses, I was able to truly enjoy the jubilee Jesus by just spending time with Him. One topic that I really enjoyed during this training was that the foundation of the jubilee is the forgiveness of our sins. We learned that Saul was the worst sinner of them all. However, even the Lord Jesus was able to save such a person and even forgive him of his sins. To truly enjoy the jubilee we need to be freed from the bondage of sin, just like how the slaves were released from their toil during the year of jubilee. Once we are released from this bondage, we can truly enjoy time with the Lord without any worries and experience jubilee. If someone like Saul is able to receive forgiveness for his sins, we must go proclaim throughout the land that anyone can receive forgiveness of their sins from the jubilee Jesus!” — Larry W.

“I’ve been looking forward the North America College Training for the past year and it definitely did not disappoint! From spending personal time with the Lord in the mornings this week, I’ve realized the significance of developing a hidden life in Christ. My prayer this week has been for the Lord to ‘strengthen every downward root’ and my yearning for the Lord to kiss me with the kisses of His mouth has increased (S.S. 1:2). This week, I’ve also enjoyed just releasing my spirit and singing to the Lord with 2800 saints about proclaiming the jubilee. I was also impressed through all the speaking to see that the jubilee can be our reality, but first we need to have our eyes opened, our beings turned from darkness to light, and we need confess our sins so that we can enjoy our inheritance—the Triune God—with those who are sanctified by the Lord (Acts 26:18). Praise the Lord that the jubilee has come! This is the year of jubilee!” — Bethany L.

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