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Practice These Things

"Practice these things; be in them, that your progress may be manifest to all."

-1 Tim. 4:15

As the Christians on Campus internship begins to wrap up, I’m left with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming school year. This past week has been filled with learning about, and, more importantly, practicing “these things”: tabling, coordinating for club events, gospel preaching, Bible studies, praying, and much more.

As an incoming freshman, a 10-day internship at a campus I was not familiar with and coordinating for a club I was not yet a part of seemed very intimidating. But within minutes of praying, singing, and getting into the spirit with the fellow interns, I felt welcome and at home right away. After a fun-filled but informative weekend getaway I was ready (well, at least as ready as I’ll ever be) to begin tabling and gospel preaching on campus.

For the past week, our days have been filled with different times of fellowshipping, prayer, and outreach. Hosting different Bible studies throughout the week, setting up tables and flyering at Upper Sproul, speaking to students about the gospel, and contacting the interested students through text and email all come together with the goal of increasing the Lord’s testimony at Berkeley. Through it I’ve gained much needed practice and experience, but also found this burden increasing in myself. And along the way, all this blending and hanging out with all the club members has really welcomed me into a new community and family where I will be truly privileged to spend the next 4 years.

-Newman C.

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