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  • Zoe Lung, Bethany Lin

#CoCinCANVID, Day 8

As one who had basically zero expectations for this trip, I've really been impressed with how much I've enjoyed this year's Spring break trip. I think I can almost say that out of the three trips I've been on as a member of Christians on Campus, this might be my favorite. Sacramento, Reno, and Idaho aren't necessarily the places I would choose to visit, so I know that much of my enjoyment from this trip has been from the people. Visiting Christians from other locations and seeing their heart for us students has been such a touching time for me and has really encouraged me to go on in my Christian walk. Today was the last day of the trip and it continued the trend of going above and beyond all my expectations. We only had one item on our schedule - the pillars of Rome - and the rest of the time we were driving back from Idaho to Berkeley. I thought the day would be really boring, but instead it was full of singing, fellowship, and just a general time of blending among the students. We completely missed our one event planned because we ran out of time, but we were able to go to a saint's house for dinner in Davis. I don't think I've had a better time of just eating dinner with the other members of the club, commemorating the good times we've had together, and also watching Larry play with the Chinese yoyo! It was a very satisfying end to an amazing trip!

1 Cor 12:24 "...but God has blended the body together..."!!

- Zoe L.

We started this morning with a hearty breakfast with our hospitality before we left for the meeting hall. As today was our last day in Boise, the air was filled with bittersweet good-byes and farewell hugs. Then, we all hopped into the vans to start our 12-hour journey back to Berkeley. I initially expected the car ride to be pretty uneventful, but right when we got in the car, we began to sing hymns. It was so sweet to sing to the Lord and to touch my spirit with the sisters. A couple of hours into the drive, we stopped at a gas station, where things got kind of messy due to miscommunication between the cars. Long story short, our caravan was split up and we lost our minivan, so we ended up waiting for an hour until finally deciding on posting a sign in front of the gas station (there was no reception so we couldn’t use our phones to reach them). We got back on the road, and a few minutes later we had to write another sign to communicate with the other van since there was STILL no reception. Having to go the old-fashioned way and manually write out the messages on paper and cardboard reminded me of my stay at the Goodwin’s ranch this past week. The Goodwin’s lived on a sprawling ranch spanning many acres, complete with lakes and ranch animals. The sisters and I who were staying at their place originally thought that living on a ranch would be like going back to the old times where there was no cell phones, electric lights, and any other modern equipments, but we were wrong, and the stay at the Goodwin’s was one of the most exciting parts of the trip. We walked two goats, visited their store, and saw their lambs in the mornings before having to rush to meet up with everyone else. This past week, it was so sweet just to be with the saints in Sacramento, Reno, and Boise, enjoying the Lord with them and seeing that the glorious church is just the Christ in each one of us. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s spring break trip!!

- Bethany L.

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