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  • Bell Wu, Caleb Kuo

#CoCinCANVID, Day 5

Today our itinerary included some driving. Well, actually, a lot of driving. In total, it took us about 7 hours to get from Reno to Boise (not including the breaks we took along the way). While we were on the road, I passed the time by talking to the other brothers, sleeping, singing, and listening to people’s testimonies. We made two pit stops along the way— McDonald’s for lunch, and a gas station for gas / a bathroom break. Some notable moments along the way: cutting it close while driving in the opposite lane to pass slow-moving trucks, admiring the beautiful plains and mountains surrounding us, and noticing a big rainbow amidst the rain. Although the drive was long, we spent lots of quality time with one another. We got to Boise at exactly 7:04 PM, barely making it to the prayer meeting. I think all of us were happy not just because we finally arrived, but also because the saints in Boise greeted us with such a warm welcome. Many students prayed in the meeting and we had good blending with the saints over dinner afterwards. Today we didn’t do too many activities, but I think we all had a great time with each other and we’re all super excited for the next few days in Boise!

— Bell W.

The bulk of today was spent trying to get from Reno, Nevada to Boise, Idaho. The 6-7 hour car ride consisted of lunching at McDonald’s, listening to Howard Higashi’s testimony, and lots of sleeping. Luckily we made it (within Berkeley-time) to the prayer meeting at Boise, Idaho around 6pm, and although I was quite exhausted from the ride, the exercise of all the saints really revived my being! The prayer meeting was refreshing as we prayed strongly for the Lord’s move in Europe. What struck me was how seamlessly we joined into the prayer meeting and how familiar and encouraging the exercise of the saints was. After the prayer meeting, Joe and I went over to our hospitality’s place. They were an older couple by the names of Albert and Kathy Beard who had been in Boise for over thirty years. I was touched by how genuinely open and kind they were in receiving us. We spent a solid hour or two just sharing our experiences with one another (mainly just us listening to the couple share). The brother, Albert Beard, seemed to have an endless store of experiences of following the Lord in simple matters to speak the Lord to those around him. This simple faith really touched me and encouraged me to trust in the Lord for His gospel. Definitely the highlight of today has to be the time with the Beards at night. I believe the Lord will continue to bless us with more enjoyable fellowship with saints here in Boise!

— Caleb K.

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