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  • Caleb Choy, Matthew Yu, Andrew Tunggal

#CoCinCANVID, Day 4

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Hello from Reno! Our morning began with a nostalgic Denny’s breakfast that consisted of perfectly browned hash browns and an unending supply of coffee that climaxed at the immediate filling of our once half-empty to-go cups on our way out the door. Our next stop was Putnam House—the home base of Christian Students at UNR (University of Nevada, Reno)! There we enjoyed that in the book of Numbers, God desires for all His people to be today’s Nazarites, ones who make a special vow to separate themselves to God. —Caleb C

Afternoon from Reno! After lunch, I decided to blend more with the saints in our sister club by joining their Bible study! It was really nice to spend time with other fellow believers of the Lord, especially from another state, considering this is my first spring break trip! After enjoying the Lord in the Bible study, we all went to the Kimmie Candy Factory and had an awesome time feasting on chocolate! Alex Johnson was a great tour guide, showing us the process of how their candy is made! There was a lot of candy eating and candy buying! After buying an abundant load of candy, we headed back to the Putnam House and sang. We sang our hearts to the Lord in those hours, enjoying the Lord to the uttermost with each other as two clubs, yet as one Body! My main takeaway for this day of the trip was joining the Bible study with the Christians on Campus club at UNR (University of Nevada, Reno). The Bible study was such an amazing time for me! Blending with other brothers and sisters about the message, I was freshly reminded to always exercise my spirit! It doesn't matter where we are or what time it is— any moment of any day, we can use our mouth and spirit to say three simple words that are just so full of life! We just need to call "O Lord Jesus!" and let Him in! This way we can carry on in our Christian life! Carry on by coming forward and pressing on! May we continue pressing on during this spring break trip!

—Matt Y.

Today was our only full day in Reno. We got a tour of the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Some of us were saying that their campus is arguably better than the UC Berkeley campus (definitely check it out!). Our day got sweeter when we visited a local candy factory. Some of us tried a habanero flavored candy! But the hype was much higher than the spice levels... However, the sweetest part of the day for me was definitely being with the saints from the area. In the midst of normal conversations, prayer and fellowship, and feeding one brother’s dogs, there was a sweet taste of ordinary daily life made enjoyable with the believers. Even in the little things, there is an opportunity to allow the Lord to grow in us and join us more into His one Body. In our reading, we touched the matter of the church being just Christ. God doesn’t view anything apart from Christ as the church. I’ve appreciated that this Christ who is the content of the church is found practically in the saints! He gave Himself up for the church, yes to die for our sins, but also because He loves us and desires to impart His life into us that we might be His counterpart (Eph. 5:25)! This is what allows us to be those who match Him in His life and nature. I definitely felt like I could have stayed longer. But I am also looking forward to our next stop! —Andrew T.

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