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  • Joanna W, Cherie H, Christine R

#CoCinCANVID, Day 3

We spent most of our time on the road. The rides were filled with singing and praising as we head out from Sacramento to Reno. Our morning started with a warm corporate breakfast prepared by the brothers and sisters in Sacramento. They had to begin preparing the meal for us at 5 am. Their joyful heart and labor really cherished us and strengthened us to continue our journey. After about 2.5 hours of driving, we stopped by Pope Beach, South Lake Tahoe and had lunch on the shore. The weather was so nice, the sun was warm, and Pope Beach was so beautiful! The view was amazing, snow was right by the seashore and we could play with both the snow and the sand. The waves were calm and the sun was warm enough for us to enjoy our meal. We partook of our lunch with thanksgiving toward the Lord and toward the hands that prepared it.

Another stop that we made at Lake Tahoe was at Caverock Beach. We had an hour hike to view the snowy mountain and the lake. Despite the muddy, rocky ground, and narrow path, we kept hiking. We climbed a rocky hill in order to reach the top and some tried to climb the rocky cliff on the side of our path. Finally, after much hiking and climbing we reached the viewpoint and the scenery was worth it! The lake was surrounding us, snowy mountains were in front of us, and the highway seemed so far away from us. We took sometime to sing and praise the Lord on the top.

The rest of the drive was about 1.5 hours, we reached Reno around 7 pm, and had dinner together. We ordered pizza and left for our hospitality at Reno.

~Joanna W.

Today was our last day in Sacramento. I really enjoyed praying and fellowshipping with my hospitality this morning on the way to the meeting hall in Sacramento. While praying, it really allowed me to start my day fresh with the Lord. Sarah and Pat hosted me and some other sisters in Sacramento. They were both very nice and you can tell they truly loved the Lord. After we left Sacramento we went to Lake Tahoe. There was snow on the floor and we got some really great pictures. In the process of all of us having fun together, Lake Tahoe took someone's jacket away. We are all trying to figure out if we would ever get the jacket back. We were looking at the currents of the water and analyzing the wind, lol! The person whose jacket it was was even going to jump in. But in the end, I enjoyed how all the sisters came together to retrieve it. Our team work paid off. Lake Tahoe gave it back.

~Cherie H.

This morning we met at the church in Sacramento. It was sweet to touch the Lord together, first all together with some singing, and then by spending some personal time with the Lord. The community saints labored starting very early to cook breakfast for us. After some free time we drove to Lake Tahoe while enjoying more songs in the car. We stopped at the beach and had lunch, and then drove to another spot to hike. We climbed up and got a panoramic view of the lake, and sang“I’m pressing on the upward way”, which talks about our longings to grow in Christ. Lord plant our feet on higher ground! Keep us growing in life!

~Christine R.

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