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  • Josh B, Billy Z, Freeman C

#CoCinCANVID, Day 2

Day two of our Spring Break trip was the Lord's Day and there was no better way to spend our only full day in Sacramento than worshipping with the local saints! We had a hearty home-cooked breakfast with our hospitality and enjoyed the Lord with a time of singing together before heading over to the meeting hall for the Lord's Table meeting at 10 am. The saints in Sacramento were very welcoming to us and made us feel entirely at home. I really enjoyed the Lord's Table meeting and had a fresh appreciation for the communion of saints! Our Sacramento brothers and sisters gave all the Berkeley visitors an opportunity to introduce themselves and also to share something they had recently been enjoying or that had touched their heart. This was a wonderful way to blend with the Sacramento saints and enjoy the riches of the gospel together! After the Table meeting there was a prophesying meeting. The theme was the unfolding of the divine Trinity in the book of Numbers. I appreciated seeing that every mention of the Trinity in the Scriptures is meant not for abstract knowledge or speculation but for our participation! A verse I reflected on today was 1 Corinthians 10:17: "Seeing that there is one bread, we who are many are one Body." Though there are many believers in many places, all of them form one Body and partake of one bread because all of them share one head, Christ, who is present in all and gives life to all and binds them all into one by his Spirit! It was sweet to taste this unity of the body by worshipping our one Savior together with the saints in Sacramento. We pray the Lord for a further experience of this unity of the saints in the rest of our trip!

-Josh B.

Today's main activity was kayaking! After the meeting, we got changed for the activity and started heading over to the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. But before arriving at the center, we had to refuel our bodies with a meal from The Waffle Experience. This place is known for its punny menu items (eg: Praise the Lard, and Eggcellent) and its Chicken and Waffles. I personally got the "Our Chicken 'n Waffles" and it was fantastic. I'm sure many other students will agree. The juxtaposition of the texture and taste of the chicken and waffles (crunchy vs crisp, savory vs sweet), with the sauces and the side dishes led to a rich and complex food experience.

After filling our bellies with food, we made it to the aquatic center, rented our kayaks, and hit the water. Words cannot describe how awesome this park was; compared to Berkeley's aquatic park, this park was wider, and much, much longer. In fact, the more I paddled, the more I realized how impractical it would be to reach the end of the lake. The weather was also on point, although it was a bit chilly in the morning, the temperature was actually quite comfortable and the sun came out during our time out on the water, leading to a very pleasant experience overall. That being said, kayaking was incredibly exhausting and I expect myself at least to be sore tomorrow.

After returning our kayaks and playing a bit of frisbee, we drove back to the meeting hall, content with our afternoon excursion.

~Billy Z.

After our fun kayaking expedition, we headed back to the meeting hall in Sacramento to have a wonderful dinner prepared by the local saints. It was an amazing spread of home-cooked food, and the love of the saints was evident in every dish. The highlight for me was definitely the French macarons made by a sister that had went to culinary school—there were lychee and passion fruit flavored ones that were absolutely delicious. However, the peak of the night involved an awesome singing and blending time with the students and community saints from Sacramento. All of us joined in to sing hymns and enjoy the Lord together, and eventually ALL TOGETHER read a passage of ministry and then split into groups to share our enjoyments. Certainly the food was good, and the activities fun, but I feel like nothing replaces spending precious time with the saints! Being reminded again that the same Lord is Lord of all, and rich to all who call upon Him was sweet to me (Rom 10:12).

“I'm so happy, in this lovely place, in the garden growing in His grace!”

~Freeman C.

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