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#CoCinCANVID, Day 1

Today was the first day of our spring break trip! This year, our club is going on a road trip to Sacramento, Reno, and Boise. We started off meeting together in Berkeley, and I appreciated that we all split into small groups so that every person could pray for this trip. Then we left for the first leg of our trip to Sacramento! My van had 13 girls, and on the way up we had a good time singing lots of songs and hymns and trying some exciting snacks (spicy gushers!).

After lunch in Handle District, we got to explore the California State Capitol. I was surprised how nice the capitol building and the park around it was. We got to see where the California State Assembly meets, as well as the offices of the different California politicians in the past and in the present. Then, we all met up outside to take a group photo, and we got to throw frisbees on the super nice green lawn. It was a fun time!

~Terrie Y.

Today marks the start of our spring break trip as we head off to the first stop of our road trip, Sacramento! With the excitement of the beginning of our trip, the ride to Sacramento was filled with overflowing life as we expressed our joy through our singing and enjoying the Lord together. After exploring Sacramento in the afternoon, it was a great way to end our day by joining our hospitality for dinner. The sisters in the Sac State sisters’ house prepared a lovely meal for some of us as we gathered around the dining table and got to spend time getting to know one another. It was so sweet just to be able to blend with these sisters and see how the Lord knits us together in our love for Him. Through our time spent together eating dinner and playing games, I really appreciated seeing how awesome it is to be connected with these other believers and be blended together as the Body. May the Lord continue to blend and knit us together with all the brothers and sisters we meet in the days to come!

~Jasmine C.

Tonight, a handful of sisters including me had dinner with a Chinese speaking small group gathering. Not only had we been warmly received into their home but every family of the small group had come together and laid a real feast before us. I was impressed not only by the dozen or so various dishes that filled a large dining table, but I was also moved by the love and labor that the believers had poured out for us. Later on, during dinner, in our fellowship, they told us that they had moved their small group meeting, which is usually on a Friday night, to a Saturday night so they could all spend time with us. Some sisters also talked to us about the hours of work that went into the dishes that required intensive labor as well as fine skills in cooking. In a sense, they wasted their precious resting time on the weekend to prepare what they considered the best for a group of students that they had never met before. They cared little for themselves but for our comfort and enjoyment. It was truly a wonderful experience to see how the believers had exemplified to us what is described in Romans 12:10, “Love one another warmly in brotherly love.”

~Beryl H.

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