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Remembering Him!

“Last night's Fellowship Night was definitely one of the most enjoyable for me this semester! I really enjoyed that the Lord wants us to remember Him. In the Bible, the Lord made the ultimate sacrifice— He died on our behalf that we might live. 1 Corinthians 11:26 says that we should ‘declare the Lord's death until He comes.’ This is because His death means that we live! This sacrifice that God made as a man is such a sweet one, and our God, as we see in that verse, only asked for one thing before His death— that we would remember Him as one Body. This is why we should realize the significance of His table on Sundays. That time is for Him and Him only. In this way, we can love the Lord with our whole being and remember what He has done for us. Praise the Lord for this sweet and intimate relationship we have with Him!” — Matthew Y.

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