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  • Matt C.

The Word of God is God expressed.

I have such a fresh appreciation for the Bible because the Word of God is God expressed and knowable! It's obvious that there is no one like the Lord. He's the God of the universe and the most wonderful Person. However, all of His glory and splendor isn't immediately visible to us. But praise Him for making Himself knowable to us through Christ as the living Word! Everything that the Lord has to offer us is in this word but in order for us to tap into these riches, we need to come to the Bible to find the person of Christ. John 1:14 says that ‘the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us.’ We should never lose appreciation of the fact that the infinite God became a finite man in the Lord Jesus. And I was so touched to be reminded that the purpose of my life is to know this Person. So in order to know this One and to hear his speaking, we should build up a life habit of spending quality time in His Word!

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