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  • Grace L.

The Bible is not a chore!

When I was growing up, I always saw reading the Bible as a chore. For a long time, I struggled a lot with reading regularly because I thought the Bible was just so boring. But, I’ve recently started picking up reading the Bible after trying and failing many times in the past, and it has been so sweet and so enjoyable. That the college conference is on reading the word of God is so timely—I feel like it’s always really applicable to us as Christians to learn how to enjoy reading the Bible more and to see again all the riches it has to offer us. It’s so important in our going on as Christians and I’m really looking forward to this upcoming conference to freshen my appreciation of the Bible and to make my reading habits even stronger. Also, college conferences have always been one of the highlights of my year! It’s indescribable how sweet it is to be with so many college students who love the Lord and to be in a new environment, away from homework and all other distractions.

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